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What is the most efficient design for a kitchen?

At BJF we are constantly tasked with designing and building efficient kitchens. During our time in developing designer kitchens throughout the Gold Coast it has become clear that efficiency is one of the most important aspects of any kitchen. Homeowners and renovators need to take into consideration a variety of factors when designing an efficient kitchen. Several very important factors are; the needs of those who will be using the kitchen, the shape of your space and any pre-existing plumbing and electrical fixtures.

If you are starting from scratch with a completely new build, you have the flexibility to play around with placement of fixtures and appliances, cabinets, etc, before you start building. When approaching a build from scratch we have found some key factors in what are most important for an efficient kitchen. One of the key tenants to a well-designed kitchen is the “working triangle.” This is a simple idea that aligns the most important parts of your kitchen in a triangle allowing for free and easy movement when working in the kitchen. In most cases the triangle consists of the stovetop, the fridge and the sink. You want to space these three main working areas far enough apart that gives reasonable space and separates tasks but close enough that it is easy to get between the working areas quickly. When designing an efficient kitchen this is a great place to start. Having a large amount of experience in design the guys at BJF have expertise in maximising the efficiency of any kitchen.

When designing a kitchen, a helpful way to make decisions is to design areas based on function. For example, you can design specific areas of the kitchen with linear functions in mind such as; cleaning, prepping and cooking. When keeping these areas in mind and combining this with working triangle concept you can maximise the utility of the space. Understanding what the functions of the kitchen are and how much space needs to be allocated to specific functions is key to creating an efficient space.

When doing a renovation there are obvious restrictions that are not encountered when starting from scratch. Existing structures and space will require the design team to consider these concerns and design around them. An important aspect of creating an efficient kitchen is designing based on what appliances are being used or future ones that will be implemented. Because of this factor it is important to research which appliances will be used in the kitchen and make sure the design of your kitchen accommodates for the specifications and use of these products. 


BJF Joinery Gold Coast Kitchen Experts

Every kitchen will be best designed when the homeowner’s preferences and uses are used in combination with some key design concepts. At BJF we have constantly produced high quality bespoke kitchens on the Gold Coast. Our kitchens are catered toward the homeowner’s budget and needs, make sure to get a free consultation and find out how we can make the most of your kitchen.

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