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-Upon finalising your kitchen design with one of our designers, you are ready to put your order in and pay the initial deposit. At this stage, we will need all the new appliances/sinks specifications (unless you are keeping any of the appliances – you need to make sure you let the designer know which appliances you would like to keep). We will give you our estimated lead time and an exact installation date will be provided upon your acceptance of the working drawings.

-Following the order being put in, one of our production managers will get in touch with you to organise a time for a check measure. The check measure is for the production manager to double check the initial dimensions provided by the customer/designer/architectural plans and from there, the production manager will produce a set of detailed working drawings. These drawings are to be shared will all trades involved in the process (electricians, plumbers, plasterers, glaziers, stone masons, etc…).

-You will need to read through the plans provided and make sure you are happy with the design. At this point, we will need you to sign and return the drawings OR respond to the email we send you stating that you are happy to proceed to production – which is when the next payment is due. Once you have accepted the drawings, we will give you an exact install date. If you are getting your own trades, it is your responsibility to give them the dates for install and provide them with a set of working drawings.

-Day before the installation: you will need to clear the kitchen, empty all the cupboards and move any furniture that will be in the way of the fitters. It is recommended to have a clear run from the front door to the kitchen to avoid any accidents. We also recommend covering any soft furnishings in the vicinity of the kitchen to avoid dust settling on your furniture.

-Day of the installation: the current kitchen will need to be disconnected (i.e.: plumbing, gas and electrical) for the kitchen to be pulled out. Once all appliances have been disconnected, we can start the removal of the existing kitchen (if you have decided to on sell your kitchen, let our fitters know so they can remove the kitchen without breaking it down). Our fitters will start to unload the new kitchen from the truck so the installation can begin.

**Children and Pets – Please keep all children and pets away from the kitchen space and out of the fitters way for safety reasons.

**Parking – During the kitchen install, there will be vehicles coming and going with deliveries as well as different trades. It is helpful if you can organise adequate parking and to let us know if there are any parking restrictions.

Please see timeline below:

-Kitchen cabinetry installation: the installation of the cabinetry component of your kitchen is going to take a minimum of 3 days. An average installation takes between 3 days and 10 days depending on the size of your new kitchen and the other trade works required.

-Kitchen benchtop templating: if you have decided on stone benchtops, our stone mason will make his way to site once the cabinetry install is completed so he can template the benchtops. Once templated, the stone mason starts manufacturing the stone benchtops. The lead times on stone can vary depending on the availability of the stone (natural or engineered) and on the thickness of your benchtops. Average manufacture time for stone is between 5 days and 12 days. We will advise on the install date for the benchtops once the stone mason has confirmed an installation date.

-Kitchen benchtop installation: the benchtop installation generally only takes half a day to a day. Once the benchtops are installed all services can be hooked back up and you now have a usable kitchen.

-Splashbacks: stone splashbacks would be installed the same day as the benchtops, if you choose to go for tiles, the tiler can put in the tiled splashback following the installation of the benchtops. If you choose to go for glass, the glazier needs to template the glass splashbacks following the install of the benchtops. Glass splashbacks usually take between 7 days and 16 days (longer for printed glass) from templating.

-Finalisation: our fitters will go over the whole kitchen adjusting it and cleaning it. Once the final tweaks are done, you are free to fill your new cabinets up and start enjoying your new kitchen.


Complete kitchen installation from start to finish is between 2 weeks and 4 weeks depending on material and hardware availability.

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