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Miami Kitchen Renovation

The main pantry organisation ability is immense. This luxurious walk-in pantry is equipped with an abundance of custom Elegant Oak finished floating shelves which are robust enough to hold weighty kitchen appliances. The natural beige feature wall colour, paired with the oak floating wooden shelves creates a warm and inviting space.

The dual sinks paired with the dual LED illumination anti-fog mirrors create a perfectly symmetrical space that is highly visually appealing. The decorative textured front floating vanity with a base oak shelf creates a spa-like feel in the space.

The kitchen cabinetry is completed in a Laminex White Chalk Natural finish topped with a Lithostone Aspro stone benchtop with an Aris Edge. All kitchen cabinets have soft close hinges and sliders. The concrete look floor tile paired back with the floating Laminex Elegant Oak Chalk finished cabinetry creates a tranquil and custom feel in the space.

On the opposite side of this galley style kitchen, the Laminex Elegant Oak Chalk finish cabinetry dominates the space which allows for design cohesion but also versatility in the space. Black kitchen appliances and black window trims provide a pleasant colour contrast to the space.

LED strip lighting is utilised under the high-set Laminex Elegant Oak Chalk finish cabinetry which can be utilised as effective task lighting or to create a more subtle moody space. Electrical outlets are strategically placed in this professionally zoned kitchen.

Extensive cabinetry was built out around a double window that allows an influx of light into the space. All cabinetry is complete in the Laminex Elegant Oak Chalk finish which is a traditional wood grain with a classic oak structure and honey colour.

The single recessed kitchen sink has a deep bowl which is ideal for washing cumbersome kitchen crockery. The black sink bowl is paired back with a contemporary matte black mixer which offers modern design cohesion in the space.

When the natural light filters through the windows and hits the Laminex Elegant Oak Chalk finish cabinetry the white grain structure is more effectively highlighted which allows for a brighter and whiter kitchen space at certain times of the day.

The white tiled splashback with bright white grout keeps the space feeling open and airy. The reflective surfaces of the tiles beautifully bounce the LED strip lighting around the space and effectively illuminate the benchtop. This custom cabinetry creates a streamlined and minimalist design that is storage rich and easy to clean.

The kitchen sink is strategically placed directly in front of the largest window in the space to ensure natural light is welcomed into this area on a daily basis. This area is prone to collecting bacteria and direct sunlight allows for a more hygienic kitchen environment. Black tapware and the black window trim offers impressive design cohesion.

Crisp white walls, crisp white window coverings, black tapware, black kitchen appliances and the stunning Laminex Elegant Oak Chalk finish cabinetry, together create a space that feels tranquil, calm and welcoming. This futureproof colour scheme will mean this kitchen will continue to be memorable and impressive to guests in many years to come.

The rangehood is recessed into the Laminex Elegant Oak Chalk finish cabinetry above the kitchen benchtop which allows for a completely streamline and minimalist design. The electric stovetop is positioned above the electric oven to create an effectively zoned cooking space.

The lighting in this kitchen is exceptional and thoroughly thought out. The combination of task lighting, strip lighting and downlights create the most workable and utilisable space that is also ideal for entertaining. You’ll find the lighting in this kitchen is present in all the right places to highlight important features and create a luxury feel.

The crisp white walls perfectly adhere to the white tile splashback and down to the white cabinetry again. This expert joinery and cabinetry work allows for this kitchen space to look fantastic and function at its optimal.

The Bevelgrip Opening handles were incorporated throughout this kitchen for their modern yet practical design. They are subtle and allow other important features in the space to be highlighted such as the sparkling Lithostone Aspro benchtop with an Aris Edge.

This custom shelving and cabinetry sequence is completely unique to this space. The white Lithostone Aspro benchtop with an Aris Edge is carried throughout the entirety of this kitchen design to generate design connectivity in the space.

This high-end walk-in pantry features a custom designed wine rack made completely in a Laminex White Chalk Natural Finish product. This custom design allows you to store your favourite bottles of wine safely in their own separate compartments while allowing you to have your choice of beverage easily accessible when required.

This pantry offers the ultimate storage and allows you to effectively display all your pantry items with ease due to the abundance of available shelving and bright white task lighting. The bottom shelf is ideal for small kitchen appliances that are frequently used. This area also allows you the ability to keep your main kitchen benchtop free from clutter.

The minimal design of this pantry allows you to complete it in a personalised manner by incorporating organisation accessories that align with your design goals and practicality needs. The shelves are robust and strong enough to hold a mortar and pestle.

The double door located at the end of this galley kitchen, opens up the space and creates an airy and tranquil feel. In this particular kitchen design having everything easily accessible was a priority. Here you are able to establish effective working and cooking zones with ease due to its elongated design.

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