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BJF Joinery kitchen cabinet makers gold coast

What are the different types of kitchen cabinets available?

Choosing the right materials for your kitchen these days requires more research than ever before. There is more variety iand giving the ability to achieve Shaker profiles in the doors and panels.n material and finish and deciding upon which is best for your situation can be tricky. BJF Joinery are experts when it comes to kitchen renovations and offer a variety of materials and finishes for kitchen cabinets.  There are numerous types of kitchen cabinets out there, the choice of finish comes down to a combination of aesthetics and budget. BJF have been producing quality kitchens for their Gold Coast customers using Australian sourced material. Offering kitchen cabinets in a variety of finishes and materials including melamine, laminate, solid timber and 2pac. All of these materials have their pros and cons and it’s important to understand these factors when deciding on what to go with. Below is a brief rundown of some of the finishes and materials available when designing your kitchen cabinets.


A melamine finish is great for the budget conscious homeowner. On the lower end of the pricing scale melamine can still provide a great aesthetic and is durable as well. Unlike some of the fancier finishes melamine is going to get the job done without hurting your pocket.

It’s hard to go wrong with using laminate in your kitchen. Not only does this finish provide a very durable surface, it also has an extensive colour range and most importantly for most It’s still a cost-effective option. The combination of affordability and versatility when it comes to laminate is a big reason for its universal popularity.

Solid Timber

Solid timber is a classic for a reason, when it comes to pure aesthetics it is hard to beat the look of a well-made solid timber cabinet. The ability to re-sand, stain or repaint the surface further down the track to change the style is an added bonus. Timber unlike some of the more modern finishes is guaranteed to stay in style and with its neutral colour can fit into a variety of different kitchens.

2 Pack

2 pack is now well-known for being one of the finest looks available. As a material, it’s extremely flexible in uses and can be applied to an array of differing styles and giving the ability to achieve shaker profiles in the doors and panels. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of using two pack in your kitchen is that you’re able to do an exact colour match with your walls in the home. It’s a high-end option that will always be valued.

In addition to the three styles mentioned above there are numerous other finishes and materials available for kitchen cabinets. The guys at BJF Joinery are both experts in design and installation, with this combination you are guaranteed to find and create the perfect look for your kitchen within your budget. Get in contact with these expert cabinet makers on the Gold Coast for a free consultation.

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