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BJF Joinery Kitchen renovations

Kitchen Renovation Trends

What are some kitchen trends that will stay in style for years to come?

At BJF we are constantly tasked by our customers on the Gold Coast to create kitchens  suited towards current trends and “flavours of the month.” While it is important to keep up with current trends and new technology we think it is equally valuable to make sure the space is going to appreciated well into the future. Luckily at the current moment we think there are some styles that are not only popular now but will be for many years to come. We have decided to showcase two of our favourite current styles of kitchen that are not only in right now but that we predict will continue to be favourites of homeowners for many years to come.

Scandinavian kitchens

Scandinavian kitchens have been in for some time now and are still very popular. There are several key design concepts that Scandinavian kitchens embrace that has resulted in their ever present popularity. Scandinavian kitchens tend to broadly use white throughout the kitchen space. This practice evolved due to the necessity of capturing light in the cold and long winter months in Northern Europe. As the days are short it is important that the kitchen captures and makes use of any light that is available. This design has spread with the adoption of Scandinavian kitchens throughout the world and helps to make the kitchen look spacious. In addition to their tendency to use whites they also commonly incorporate a splash of colour. This feature is perfect when incorporated with the use of pastels, which has seen its own uprise in popularity recently.

Scandinavian kitchens use natural materials predominantly. Whether that is light, natural woods and timbers. Or other natural materials that remind us of nature and the outdoors. This use of natural materials gives a strong appreciation for texture. Clean lines are used to enhance small spaces. This technique in combination with the use of whites allows for the maximisation of small spaces and allows any kitchen to feel spacious. The use of clean lines as part of Scandinavian design is part of a philosophy that highlights objects having beauty in their own simplicity and singular function.  There is a reason Scandinavian design has been adopted throughout the world, it is a current trend that will be appreciated long into the future.

French provincial style

French provincial style, kitchens have been garnering attention again recently. These kitchens marry elegance with a sense of warmth. The style dates to remote areas of French provinces in the 17th and 18th century, where craftsmen started experimenting with urban and rural designs. The concepts where born from blending typically town designs of Lyon and Paris with country accents. The result of this is a combination of sophistication and homeliness. The keys to French provincial kitchen are soft chalky colours and rustic elements. A popular way to modernise the look is by adding mismatched cabinets to add a little style. Opt for bold colours when it comes to cabinets, leaving the rest of the kitchen in neutral shade, which is the significance of French provincial style. Glass-front cabinets with stone slabs along with stainless steel appliances brings a modern feel to the classic style.


BJF Joinery Kitchen Renovations

BJF are experts when it comes to both design and construction, come in and visit us on the Gold Coast to see these different styles in action, and see how we can help to develop a style for kitchen that suits your individual taste. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have


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