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Hamptons Kitchen Renovation

Hamptons Kitchen

A Hamptons kitchen Renovation style should be a place where people feel comfortable gathering, entertaining, cooking, and relaxing. The Hamptons interior design style is about refined elegance, and also a sense of comfort, function, and liveability. The kitchen is often a key gathering place in a home, so it makes sense that you would want it to capture all of these elements.

hamptons kitchen renovation with marble table and sink
hamptons kitchen renovation with white drawers and kitchen sink

Hamptons Kitchen Renovation Design

Classic Hampton kitchen renovation style features details such as pitched ceilings, exposed beams, timber sarking on walls and ceilings, wood floors, pale colours and lots of light. Consider this when planning a Hamptons kitchen renovation, as it will work best in a house that already possesses some of these features.

hamptons kitchen renovation with white drawers and kitchen sink

Hamptons Kitchen Cabinets

Traditionally, kitchen cabinets were constructed with a frame around the panel, and these are sometimes called shaker-style cabinets. These cabinets are popular in Hamptons kitchens because of their solid, traditional lines and detailing.

hamptons kitchen renovations sea view
beach view from hamptons kitchen renovation

Hamptons Kitchen Benchtops

Marble is undeniable and it comes in a huge range of colours and patterns. It suits the Hamptons look due to its natural, timeless quality. Wood is an alternative to marble and is often chosen for its natural, tactile, organic properties. However, be careful with moisture and heat, and only choose solid hardwood species.

beach view from hamptons kitchen renovation

Kitchen Renovation Showroom

Our Showroom is open from Monday to Friday. Our qualified in-house designers will assist you design/layout, colour selection, advice and can even help you with you appliance selection

hamptons kitchen renovations with marble table

Our Latest Kitchens Gold Coast

kitchens gold coast
kitchen gold coast
kitchen trends 2019 matte black
BJF Joinery Kitchen renovation gold coast
BJF Joinery kitchens gold coast
BJF Joinery kitchens gold coast
kitchens gold coast
Our Latest Kitchens Gold Coast
Why BJF Joinery?

Accurate Machine Cut

With our state of the art CNC Machine, Edger Bander and Table Saw we can guarantee accurate cutting. This type of machinery allows us to provide very accurate quotes with minimal wastage as the material is maximized when it comes to cutting and edging.

kitchen renovations Gold Coast

Custom Manufacturing/build

 Our machinery gives us the flexibility to manufacture full custom-sized cabinetry, meaning you will not end up with awkward layouts as you might with a cut to size/ pre-manufacture cabinet maker.

kitchen renovations Gold Coast

Choice Of Finishes

2Pac (Polyurethane Finish) is very similar to the paint on your car. It is a 2 part product consisting of a hardener and a paint component.

The upside of 2Pac (VS Laminate) is that you don’t have to edge a door which gives a better finish. The range of colours you get to choose from is much wider than laminate as you can choose any paint colour (Dulux, Taubmans…)

As with car paint, maintenance is important. You should never use abrasive cleaning product like gumption or cream cleanser as it will leave abrasions and marks on your 2pac fronts.

When looked after well, 2Pac will last beautifully for many, many years to come.

Laminate is a more affordable product than 2pac. The downsides being that every door, drawer fronts, panels will have a 1mm edge all around and you do not have as many colours to choose from.

The upside is that you can get laminates in different finishes (timber grains, veined stone…) and it is also a very hard-wearing product. Preferable to have laminate if you have small children running around as it is more hardy.

kitchen renovations Gold Coast


Our payment terms are:

5% Deposit Required Prior Check Measure
45% Progress Required Prior Manufacture (upon approval or working drawings)
45% Progress Required Upon Delivery to Site
5% Final Required Upon Completion

We also do design fees to do up 3D images of your cabinetry. This design fee gets fully refunded should you choose to proceed/go ahead with us.

kitchen renovations Gold Coast


I used BJF Joinery to install a new kitchen at my place at Mermaid Beach after having this company recommended to me by a friend who said they had a reputation on the Gold Coast for doing a superior job. My job included complete removal of the old kitchen, new custom-made cabinets, metaline, stone benches, plumbing, electrical work, and additional plastering work. They didn’t disappoint as they:

• significantly improved my original plan;
• organized and executed everything in a timely and detailed fashion;
• worked on a trust basis (they had the key to the residence, I wasn’t
there most of the time);
• kept me fully informed at all stages; and
• acted with courtesy and professionalism at all times.

My wife and I smile every time we walk into our new kitchen. Thanks Tom, Joel and the rest of the team.


Arnold Wissemann
Kitchen Renovation Gold Coast

kitchen renovations Gold Coast

BJF Joinery Kitchen renovation gold coast
BJF Joinery kitchen renovations gold coast

Well now that all our cabinetry is done it would be remiss of me to not tell everyone how fantastic BJF Joinery is!, All the guys there are just absolute gems, number 1 they know their business, number 2 their work ethic is exemplary, I would recommend them to anyone with a rating of 20 out of 10! With my kitchen, ensuite, bathroom, powder room and laundry all complete I couldn’t be happier and if my budget ever allows I will be calling them back for more!


Dawn Jones
Kitchen Renovation

kitchen renovations Gold Coast

BJF Joinery kitchen renovations gold coast

At BJF Joinery, we have over 30 years’ combined Kitchen Renovation experience in the industry and a proven track record on the Gold Coast.

We are committed to creating stunning Kitchen spaces on the Gold Coast that suit the uniqueness of each of our clients. We value the individual tastes and needs of each of our customers, and we are dedicated to creating unique areas that you will never want to leave. Our industry experience and passion for the heart of the home has helped us become the kitchen experts.

We are proud of our high level of seamless customer service and love to work with our customers through all the stages of their new kitchen design, manufacture, and installation. We assure all of our clients that once they place their trust in us, they will be nothing but delighted by the results

When you choose BJF kitchen renovations, you can relax. We are a local Gold Coast owned and operated a business, and we provide competitive quotes for today’s market. We tailor each of our kitchens to your needs, and source all of our manufacturing to suit each project’s budget.

kitchen renovations Gold Coast

BJF Joinery kitchen renovations gold coast

Kitchen Finishes, Accessories and Appliances


Our range of kitchen benchtops will suit your lifestyle and budget. Options include:


If you are running tight on budget, this can be your best option. Laminate benchtops are available in a variety of colours and finishes. It also comes in stone or marble resemblance. You can even avail them in matt finish. Have a look at some of the best laminate benchtops in town-

Natural Stone Kitchen Benchtops


Stones are naturally beautiful and possess the power to make each slab appear unique. While marble is a more popular choice amongst bakers as its ideal for rolling out pastries, it gets easily stained by things such as vinegar, red wine, coffee and spices, etc. Granite benchtops, on the other hand, is less porous than marble and therefore more stain-resistant.


Timber Kitchen Benchtops


Timber benchtops are a culmination of different solid pieces that have been laminated together. Finishing is required before using benchtops made up of timber/wood. With proper oiling, they can be even made to absorb spills. Another material that’s in vogue in the benchtop market is bamboo. They are highly durable and can be refinished after a couple of years to make it’s as good as new.

Engineered Stone Kitchen Benchtops


When crushed quartz is bonded with resin, the resultant material is referred to as an engineered stone. Benchtops made of engineered stone are available in a multitude of colours and finishes. If you wish to purchase it in the form of an entire slab, the length can be unrestricted. Anything beyond 3m however would require joins. Here’s a specimen of how perfect engineered stone benchtops look like –

Polished Concrete Kitchen Benchtops


Polished concrete benchtops boast an amazing raw finish. They are formed on the site and require the additional sub-floor to support its weight. They can be customised in a variety of ways. You can either seal them before use or get them finished to appear rough or refined. They can even be coloured with the help of tinting.



Our custom kitchen cabinets can suit your needs and design preferences.


Kitchen cabinet “carcasses” are commonly manufactured using medium-density fibreboard(MDF) which often performs better than solid wood in many areas. Doors and drawer fronts can be made using laminate, vinyl-wrap or Two Pack depending on your desired finish. Laminate is the most affordable option; whereas Two Pack is the most expensive as it requires a more time-consuming production process. Vinyl-wrap is another affordable option which provides a luxurious, gloss-finish that is found in numerous high-end kitchens. Due to the similarities of the two Pack and vinyl-wrap finishes, sometimes even professionals find it difficult to decipher which method was used for a particular project.


Choosing the right kitchen appliances that suit the style and design of your new kitchen is a must

We definitely recommend thinking about your choice of appliances early, if not from the beginning, of the process. One of the best ways to make sure your new kitchen is beautiful and functional is to choose your appliances carefully. Our team will guide you through this process.

Our range of kitchen appliances include:

Range hoods
Ovens and microwaves
Fridges (stand-alone or integrated)
Freestanding cookers


Choosing a brand-new kitchen sink is an investment that will completely change the look and functionality of your kitchen


Before you decide on your ideal kitchen sink there are many things you need to consider to ensure you’re making the right decision

Our Kitchen design team will guide you through the sink selection process :

Layout and positioning
Tapware selection


BJF Joinery create the most usable kitchen storage spaces as per your budget and need.


We offer an extensive range of storage solutions which include:

Vertical pantries and storage
Corner storage
Box storage
Rubbish, recycling and clutter solutions
Sink accessories


The flooring options are an important factor in designing your new kitchen and shouldn’t be overlooked.


Your kitchen floor gets put through a lot. Between spills, drips, heat and dropped utensils, as well as the constant plod of feet, the flooring in this space has to be able to handle multiple hazards and look good while doing it.

Our kitchen flooring options include:

Ceramic tile
Natural stone tile

The Process


Initial consultation

We take time to listen to your ideas, needs, pain points and plans during our first meeting with attention to every detail. We assess the layout of the existing room to make sure it fits your idea.



Initial 2D drawings are produced for the client to come into our showroom and review.
Once the client is happy with the 2Ds, they can choose to proceed to do 3D renders for a fee (fee is reimbursed if the client chooses to go ahead with us)



We will provide a quote detailing everything we will supply, instal, materials and hardware. For your confidence and ability to manage cash flow, we break the cost into progress payments



We start the process of bringing your ideas to life with the manufacturing of your cabinets. Our machinery gives us the flexibility to manufacture full custom-sized cabinetry, meaning you will not end up with awkward layouts as you might with a cut to size/ pre-manufacture cabinet maker.



The next stage of bringing your ideas to life. Once cabinetry is ready, we go in, remove the existing kitchen and replace it with the new kitchen (generally 2-3 days). The stone benchtops get templated once the kitchen is installed. Stonemason manufactures and installs benchtops (generally 1 week after the template is done).Trades can connect appliances, sinks and do any finishing touches.
Our manager is always in contact and can update you with a project’s progress. We guide you through each construction step.



Handover is the most exciting time for us to present your completed project. We check that the completed job reflects the approval plan. From the cabinetry, fittings, accessories to installed electrical goods, we hand over our work with a guarantee to meet your expectations.

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How long will a kitchen renovation take?

Generally 6 weeks from start to finish including manufacturing and installation.

What is our Kitchen Renovation process?

-Initial Consultation to discuss design, needs, wants and style (at our showroom or onsite)
-Initial 2D drawings are produced for the client to come into our showroom and review
-Once the client is happy with the 2Ds, they can choose to proceed to doing 3D renders for a fee (fee is reimbursed if the client chooses to go ahead with us)
-3Ds Renders and sign off
-Check measure to produce working drawings
-Start manufacturing the cabinetry
-Once cabinetry is ready, we go in, remove the existing kitchen and replace it with the new kitchen (generally 2-3 days)
-The stone benchtops get templated once the kitchen is installed
-Stone mason manufactures and installs benchtops (generally 1 week after the template is done)
-Trades can connect appliances, sinks and do any finishing touches

How often should a kitchen be updated?

A kitchen should last you 20 years. These days with trends moving so quickly and new products hitting the market every month, I would say 10-15 years if budget allows.

How can you make your kitchen as functional as possible?

Good design can make any space functional. Use of clever hardware for cabinetry like drawers and pull out units will help you maximise the storage.
Good placement of fridge, sink and cooktop will also help the “flow” of the kitchen.

Should you do some DIY in a kitchen renovation?

Only if you are qualified and confident. If you are able to do plumbing/electrical yourself, it would help you save.
When it comes to DIY kitchens, we often see people that think it will be cheaper to get a flat pack kitchen and put it in themselves, but what they don’t realise is that the price of the flat pack kitchen doesn’t include labour.

How much will your new kitchen cost?

Depending on your space, finishes selections, design and hardware the price of a kitchen can vary greatly.

Should you design a kitchen for your own tastes, or for potential buyers?

That really comes down to the customers. Someone who is designing a kitchen for their forever home should definitely design the kitchen to suit their needs and taste.
If the customer is thinking of re sale value, it is always good to keep in mind future buyers and what they might like.

Can I improve my kitchen layout?

Sometimes, there will be room for improvement in an existing kitchen. Usually starting from scratch is the best way to go.
Nowadays we are moving towards open plan living which means combining the kitchen, living and dining areas into one big space which means ripping out walls and creating opening and doing a full on renovation as opposed to adding on to the existing kitchen.

Is there anything I can do about my corner cabinets?

Corners are always a bit tricky but in recent years, cabinet making hardware companies have been working on and releasing new pieces of hardware to help maximise the storage and use the corners efficiently.

Important Notice to Our Valued Clients and Visitors:

At BJF Joinery, our passion and expertise lie in delivering exceptional, complete kitchen renovations. We are dedicated to transforming your entire kitchen space into a masterpiece that reflects your style and meets your functional needs.

Please be aware that we do not offer services for one-off cabinets or kitchen refacing projects. Our focus is solely on comprehensive kitchen renovations, which allows us to provide a holistic approach to design, craftsmanship, and functionality.

We understand that one-off cabinets and refacing services are important for many homeowners, but these are outside the scope of our specialisation. Our commitment is to complete kitchen transformations, ensuring every aspect of your kitchen is harmoniously designed and expertly crafted.

We appreciate your understanding and are more than happy to assist with any enquiries related to complete kitchen renovations.

Thank you for considering BJF Joinery for your kitchen transformation journey.

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