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Open Shelving kitchen renovation

Kitchen design trends of 2020

The modern household is functionally and stylistically ever-changing! This calls for homeowners to stay on top of the current trends when deciding to renovate. For maximum kitchen renovation success, incorporate some of these dynamic 2020 kitchen design ideas to ensure maximum style, practicality and comfortability in one of the most heavily utilised areas of the home.


Open plan and thoughtful space configuration.

open plain kitchen renovation

Whether you are renovating your kitchen or building a new one, it’s vital to factor in lifestyle components in order to create a design that is both multifunctional and stylish. A huge design trend of 2020, is having the foresight to open up your space as much as possible, which will allow occupants the ability to combine the practice of food prep with family time. This is also ideal for avid entertainers and anyone who loves to host! You can never go wrong with making choices from a design perspective that gives the illusion your kitchen/living spaces are more open and airy. This calls for moveable, tidy and minimal furniture elements that have copious amounts of internal storage to keep your space aesthetically pleasing and free from clutter. Put an emphasis on the luxurious materials utilised throughout your kitchen renovation rather than having unnecessarily bulky or oversized elements. Incorporate sliding doors, hidden moveable constructs and surfaces with multiple applications as another way to achieve a simplified, beautiful space.

Crisp, white cabinetry.

Crisp White Kitchen renovation


This is a design trend that has, and will continue to stand the test of time. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation for 2020 a safe choice is the incorporation of crisp, white and custom-made cabinetry. Pair these with grey or concrete look flooring or bring the look together with a pop of colour. This may be through the incorporation of feature kitchen appliances or a luxurious stone benchtop. Predominantly white coloured kitchens are known for increasing light diffusion throughout the space and they are renowned for seeming more crisp and clean as smudging and streaking is less obvious! Choosing white cabinetry gives you the freedom to tie-in the space with any material in any colour! You may have your heart set on various wood hues, granite, vinyl, neutral or bold coloured tiles. Opt for a glossy or matte finish and complete your space with chrome, black or even gold tapware and accessories for added luxury.


Open shelves have soared in popularity!

open shelving in kitchen renovation


This is a trend that has been on the upward incline for quite some time now – but in 2020 we predict kitchen renovators will be inundated with requests to add open shelves into their kitchen

design plans. This simple design concept offers maximum stylistic emphasis, provides additional storage space and opens a once enclosed area in your kitchen. This is a concept that will work in a kitchen regardless of how big or small your floor plan is. This 2020 design favourite can be incorporated into a traditional or modern kitchen design plan as they’re subtle and streamline. Open shelves can be completely customised to fit your space and allow you the freedom to display your favourite crockery set like a work of art!


Strongly veined marble.

strong vein marble kitchen renovation


This is a material that oozes class and can take your kitchen renovation to the next level of luxury. Richly veined marbles have always been a staple in kitchen luxury, but they have returned to 2020 as an extremely popular statement piece for high-end kitchens around Australia. There’s varying stone available on the market which range from having a subtle vein to an extremely visible and strong vein, available in a wide selection of neutral base colours. In 2020, the general consensus is that the busier the marble the better! Marble is such a versatile material that can be easily paired with diverse wood hues such as ash, oak or walnut. Marble works alongside pops of bold or muted colours too which you may decide to incorporate on your kitchen walls or splashback.


Handleless minimalism.

Handleless Vanity in new bathroom renovation


This is a design technique employed to achieve a complete open plan look and feel in your kitchen/dining/living zones. Bulky handles have the capacity to interfere with the composition of an open plan space, so 2020 is all about removing them completely to achieve the most minimal and contemporary design in your kitchen. Technological design advances have provided us with numerous wall and base cabinet options that are push-open and close. If you’re not completely sold on the push-open cupboards, opting for a recessed handle can allow you to achieve this minimal look without the severe contrast of a traditional handle.

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