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new kitchen renovation grey, white and natural wood colours

5 questions that will guide your kitchen renovation.

In most households it’s fair to say the kitchen is the heart of the home, a space for cooking, family time and entertaining. This is why it’s extremely important when planning a kitchen renovation, to factor in the equal need for both practicality and style in this multifunctional space. You should do your best to plan your kitchen renovation in a methodical way to ensure you’re going to be rewarded with a smart and everlasting kitchen upgrade. It’s important that you have your own ideas and visions when it comes to remodelling your kitchen, but it’s also vital you have a trustworthy builder who is equipped with all the necessary industry knowledge to guide you along the way. Here are some important questions to keep in mind if you’re planning an upcoming kitchen renovation.


1. How is your kitchen utilised?


Now this may seem straightforward, but it’s one of the most information rich questions to consider in order to gauge whether you need to open up your space, create additional storage or install speciality lighting for entertainment purposes. You may be renovating to sell and you’re taking a more practical and cost effective approach, so this question will guide you when choosing which materials to utilise and where, and will also be extremely helpful when determining your budget. If you have a large family and need additional bench space for breakfast and homework time or if you’re an aspiring chef, or cook for a large group regularly, this will guide your choice of kitchen appliances and space configuration needs.

Crisp White Kitchen renovation
Country Style Kitchen Renovation Hope Island


2. What’s your budget and timeframe?


It’s important to determine what scale of renovation you are requiring first and foremost which can be guided thoroughly through determining your budget. The current value of your home, your future plans for your home, and professional advice can help you to accurately pinpoint this. Deciding on a timeframe to have the kitchen renovation completed by is also a vital component to your process, as this will minimise expenses and inconveniences that may be associated with potential renovation downtime. Kitchen renovators are very mindful of timeframes and budgets and here at BJF Joinery, we can provide the most impressive solutions for our customers needs, regardless of the scale of work required.

open plain kitchen renovation
Open plain kitchen renovation Main Beach Gold Coast

3. How much storage space is needed?


Have you always wanted a walk-in pantry or an oversized cupboard to hide away your bulky coffee machine? If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, this is the time to determine exactly what you want and need in this space then bring it to light with the help of kitchen renovation professionals. Whether you have a small or large floorplan, storage is a vital consideration because without adequate storage the functionality of your kitchen will be dramatically hindered. This is a great question to ask in order to help you determine which style cupboards, hinges and cabinets will work best in your space. Whether your kitchen island needs additional large storage space for pots and pans, or if you finally want to rid your kitchen of those impractical corner cupboards, always give the storage component of your kitchen adequate thought prior to commencing your remodelling project.

Cabinet makers
Practical Kitchen Storage


4. Which colours and surfaces will expand the space?


A white, crisp kitchen, or a lighter colour palette with reflective surfaces like chrome, stainless steel or high gloss will allow light to bounce around your space and gives the illusion your kitchen is much larger than it actually is. If you’re working with a small space, the lighter colour palette is a safe choice, but if your heart is set on a darker colour palette or you’re making this decision for design cohesion purposes within your home, utilising the right lighting can provide the same space expanding affect in your kitchen.

new kitchen with grey, white and natural wood colours
Modern Kitchen Renovation Benowa Waters Gold Coast

5. What’s on your wishlist?


These are the non-negotiables of your kitchen that must be factored in. Your wishlist is very important for added convenience and liveability within your home. This may mean you want storage space for appliances not utilised often, or you want to incorporate a vintage piece of furniture into your design. Maybe you want to centre your kitchen around an existing window for added natural light, or need a butlers pantry and double fridge to store all your weekly supplies in. These are considerations that should be factored into your kitchen remodelling and communicated to your builder well before the construction begins.

kitchen trends 2019 matte black
Outdoor Kitchen Renovation Cove House South Of Brisbane. BJF Joinery worked with BJ Millar Constructions on this beautiful home

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