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Create an Entertaining Kitchen

The kitchen can be a great place to entertain if you get the design right from the start. If you are wanting to create a space for dinner guest, family get togethers, and casual get togethers then read our tips below on a designing an entertaining kitchen.



1. An Open-plan Layout 


If you often arrange a party at your house, an open-plan kitchen will be the perfect one for you. Such a layout will allow your guests to roam around your kitchen and the additional space without jostling to each other or bumping over things. Besides that, you can also enjoy the party and have a drink with your friends while concentrating on preparing the meal. With such a kitchen plan, you don’t need to miss out any gossip that your friends are doing!


2. Have a Butler’s Pantry


Are you arranging a dinner party? In that case, you need many preparations. Besides, while preparing and cooking, you will have many wastes. However, you can’t just leave those here and there. You need a space where you can keep the mess away from the sight. Installing a butler’s pantry will help you to hide such waste and later you can take care of that. This is a smart choice while renovating your kitchen.


3. Go for a Kitchen Island


To make your kitchen even more entertaining, you can install a kitchen island. Introducing this new place will not only help in cooking, but you can also accommodate your guests there to enjoy a glass of wine while you are busy at cooking. Also, people can use that space for additional dining purpose. The most exciting fact is almost every kitchen has this extra space for installing Kitchen Island.


4. Storage


While cooking or doing anything inside the kitchen, you will need many pans, pots, plates, and other utensils. You can’t keep those scattered on the kitchen counter. Having a great storage place can make your kitchen look more entertaining and clearer. Make sure you have additional drawers and shelves enough to store your utensils and other essentials.


5. Keep the Kitchen Trio Closer


While renovating your kitchen, you need to keep three things closer- the cook top, the refrigerator, and the sink. It is said that if these three things form the ultimate triangle in your kitchen, you can get access to these things efficiently and use those accordingly.


Entertaining Kitchen Conclusion


Whether you are cooking for your family, or it is for the guests, with these tips you can make your kitchen look great and be practical for entertaining. BJF Joinery helps people on the Gold Coast and surrounding area with professional services. We create custom and high-end entertaining kitchen renovations meeting individual’s objectives.

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