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Kitchen Renovation Storage Ideas

9 Kitchen Renovation Storage Ideas

A lot of people have small kitchen and it does not have sufficient storage space in it. Here are some essential kitchen renovation storage ideas. BJF Joinery create the most usable kitchen storage spaces as per your budget and need. The company has years of experience in creating practical and innovative kitchen storage.

It is a well-known fact that storage is the best method to make your house clutter-free and make every room to work effectively and efficiently. However, utmost usage of the space in the kitchen is quite essential regardless of whether it is retrofitted, freestanding or built-in.


1. Try for Sleek Cabinetry


If you are looking for renovating the kitchens gold coast, then you can try for sleek cabinetry. This type of sleek cabinetry is the right option for having your goods placed in concealed manner after usage. It offers maximum efficiency for your kitchen room.


2. Optimise Your Pantry


People who are looking for luxury kitchen renovation must not avoid optimising the pantry so that it brings a pleasing look to your house. Try to make most from your spacing by efficiently organising your dry goods and pantry staples. Place the daily used spices, dry goods, and cereals so that you are not including any clutter in your shelves.


3. Vintage Charm for Small Kitchen


If you have small kitchen then it requires clever storage for accessing often-used accessories so you can prefer for the open dish racks of vintage-style which suits the petite country kitchen style perfectly.


4. Use Windows for Storage Purpose


Most of the people might not have thought of using windows as storage purpose, but it is good idea. You can hang vast collections of pans and pots on the kitchen window which is available in front of you. It seems to be smart storage option for storing all the collections uniformly.


5. Cleverly Concealed Everyday Appliances


Prefer a hidey-hole for daily appliances, which are unwieldy and large however used regularly on day-to-day life. Coffee machines, toasters, blenders, and most other essentials are preferred everyday morning so it is must to line up them on bench-top.


6. Store above the Window


Regardless of your kitchen size, every little inch must be taken into consideration when it comes to storing the items. Having a simple shelf above the window boost up the display space for art, bowls, and plates so that you can have a stress-free kitchen room. These kinds of kitchen renovations are highly cost-effective and affordable. Anyone can try this without putting a hole in their pocket.


7. Think Outside the Kitchen


You also have the option to try outdoor kitchen renovations when there comes for necessity. If you have restricted kitchen spacing, then utilise other rooms available in your house to get rid of unwanted clutter. Transform the barware as well as entertaining pieces into the living room with customised cabinetry.

8. Consider Adding Dish Drawer


Most of the homeowners love to use the deep and sturdy drawers that maintain your platers in orderly form, and it will be kept within reach. This drawer can hold about 35 to 50 kgs of items & the adjustable pegs allow you to accommodate comfortably within the breakables.


9. Implement Hardworking Hub


This specific kitchen island tends to work in all manner to bring maximum efficiency that is by serving as central sink & generous preparation area, by having breakfast bar at single end and additional bonus of wine storage inserted at the other end. On the other hand, timber laminated finished is the alternate method to demarcate its duties smartly.




These kitchen renovation storage ideas bring a pleasing look and practicality to your cooking space. Get your dream kitchen with help of the BJF Joinery team. Contact BJF Joinery for your next Kitchen Renovation.

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