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cooktop 60cm silver gas for new kitchen renovation

Top 5 Cooktops

Looking for the best cooktop for your
new kitchen? We’ve handpicked our top
5 Cooktops!

A cooktop is undoubtedly a crucial component to the functionality and style of your kitchen – so
it’s important to choose one that perfectly aligns with your kitchen needs and will serve you
adequately in the years to come.

There is a vast supply of ceramic, gas or induction cooktops available that all have their own
individual benefits from a functionality and style perspective for your space. Here, we have
curated a list of the highest quality and most trustworthy cooktops that will cater to all your big
and small gastronomic needs!

Euromaid 600mm Gas Cooktop


cooktop 60cm silver gas for new kitchen renovation

If you’re tight on space or are looking to upgrade your apartment cooktop, Euromaid offers this
modest 60cm stainless steel, four burner gas cooktop that will stand the test of time due to the
incorporation of heavy duty cast iron trivets. Euromaid is 100% Australian owned and has been
supplying the Australian market with top quality appliances for over 21 years. This cooktop is
perfect to put in an investment property with renters as its durable and boasts a flame failure
device that helps to prevent kitchen accidents.

Miele 940mm Gas Cooktop


900mm gas cooktop black for new kitchen renovation

This Miele gas cooktop combines sleek black-glass and durable enamelled cast iron pot rests
that will take your kitchen to the next level of luxury. This size cooktop offers extreme flexibility
with five cooking zones including a large isolated wok burner for extreme heat cooking. It’s
important when considering a gas cooktop to ensure the availability of gas in your kitchen prior
to purchasing. Whether you’re looking to bring something to a slight simmer or extreme boil, this
aesthetically pleasing gas cooktop will provide you with an amazingly responsive cooking

Bosch Series 4 600mm 4 Zone Induction Cooktop


600mm cooktop induction black for new kitchen renovation

This impressive induction cooktop is a real energy saver in the kitchen. It has built in technology
that switches off cooking zones at designated times to conserve energy wherever possible. This

frameless design is sleek and contemporary, so it will work perfectly in any new kitchen design!
The heating and timing settings are highly user friendly and blend perfectly into the minimal
design of the cooktop. This is an easy to clean design that will easily cater for the culinary needs
of any large family!

Smeg 900mm Dual Multizone Induction Cooktop


900mm induction cooktop for new kitchen renovation

This is the perfect induction cooktop for a modern, or newly renovated kitchen which offers
powerful, flexible and innovative automatic assistance features to maximise safety and complete
cooking versatility. This cooktop has three preset temperatures, an automatic spillage stop,
touch controls and residual heat indicators for the most precise chefs! Induction cooktops are
the most efficient kind, as the heat is only applied to the cookware, which is also a great safety

Fisher & Paykel 600mm Electric Ceramic Cooktop


600mm induction cooktop for new kitchen renovation 1 burner is on

The beauty of an electric ceramic cooktop is that it offers reliable and effective cooking, and it
can be quickly installed by a licensed professional. This specific cooktops offers a
contemporary, frameless design with dual element zones to cater for multiple large pots and
pans! This is a very safe choice for a busy family kitchen as more space means more cooking
flexibility without stretching into the 900mm zone. An added bonus are the high speed heating
elements and even temperature control technology that allows for accurate cooking results.


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