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elements for kitchen renovation

4 kitchen elements that will modernise your space.

A common request we receive from those considering a kitchen renovation in 2020, is to primarily modernise and upgrade their existing space either for resale or for living and practicality purposes. The kitchen is understandably a central and highly utilised area within your home. If you’ve been considering a kitchen makeover for quite some time now, we have some fantastic suggestions for you to take into consideration if you’re looking to create an on-trend and contemporary kitchen within your personal home or investment property.

Do you need more breathing room, bench space, storage or a complete kitchen design overhaul? BJF Joinery is equipped to incorporate important kitchen elements in a modern and clean-lined way that is both visually appealing and practically viable for your kitchen.

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Incorporating black.

Black is a strong and electrifying colour that can surprisingly modernise your kitchen in unbelievable ways if utilised correctly. This sophisticated colour adds a sense of depth to your space and is amazing for hiding marks in a high traffic area of the home. Be sure to team black cabinetry with bright white surfaces and a white splashback which will allow natural light to bounce around your space in a very inviting way. ​Black cabinetry is ideal as a backdrop, or used as a focal point, such as on an island, a single wall, or even interspersed with other coloured or wood-finish cabinetry. Black is a great accent and grounding tool for the naked eye and is ideal at creating an ultra-modern, sharp looking space that can be balanced and softened with pendant lighting, cushioned chairs or silver appliances.

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White oak flooring.

Recently, European and domestic white oak flooring has soared in popularity due to its modern and contemporary look and feel. This particular flooring is less traditional to red oak as it has a smoother look and finish that works well in kitchens centred around contemporary farmhouse, industrial and ultra-modern designs. This flooring is durable, water resistant and offers a cost-effective way to future-proof your kitchen when renovating. The hardness rating on white oak flooring makes it the ideal flooring choice for a kitchen as it’s resilient to gouges and dents. Also, white oak chevron flooring can add historical charm to your home in a modern way with a European edge.

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Natural materials.

Raw tones from natural materials such as timber, bamboo and stone are timeless and can neutralise your kitchens chosen colour palette. Utilising natural materials throughout your kitchen renovation is sustainable, budget-friendly and can add warmth and texture that creates a truly inviting space for your family and friends. Choosing to work with natural materials allows for an everlasting modern look and feel to be brought to your kitchen in an inviting and homely manner.

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The breakfast bar.

This is a striking and streamline addition to any kitchen that creates a space for conversation and shared meal time. Incorporating a breakfast bar into your kitchen renovation plan, offers a casual dining spot and serves as an additional area for food preparation and entertaining due to the added bench space. This provides much needed storage space for kitchens lacking this, while breakfast bars are also particularly good for L-shaped kitchens which are renowned for being smaller and more narrow. The modern kitchen is about promoting versatility and freedom, which is why a breakfast bar helps break away from the traditional dining setting in a practical and chic way within your home.

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Strategic layout.

With the recent increase in apartment, townhouse and small home living, it’s important to choose a strategic layout when designing your perfect kitchen to ensure you’re utilising every corner of space effectively. Design your cabinets so they reach the ceiling for maximum storage availability. If you have a kitchen island add extra cabinets and pair this area with understated bar stools to nicely transition the space into a casual dining area. When working with a smaller layout be sure to centre your design plan around the availability of natural light, and utilise bright white surfaces and cabinetry for space expanding effects. Don’t be afraid to play with asymmetrical balancing as small spaces call for more creativity and out of the box planning. This can create a more practical space that is still modern, inviting and family-friendly.

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