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Parkwood Gold Coast Kitchen Renovation kitchen appliances

The pros and cons: flat pack or custom-made?

Renovating your kitchen is an intricate process with many elements that require professional help or guidance to execute successfully. A common misconception amongst avid renovators is that by incorporating flat pack kitchen elements they can save substantially on the overall project cost. However, unless you are a highly skilled DIY enthusiast—a fully-assembled flatpack kitchen can actually be overwhelming and pose frustrating and time-consuming barriers for an inexperienced individual. Not many people have the skill, time or patience to commit to a full flat pack kitchen assembly unless they already have experience and expertise in that area. Custom made kitchens possess a more finished look which doesn’t compromise on style or functionality; whereas off-the-shelf or flat pack kitchens often do.

Flatpack pros:

●Cheaper upfront costs (which can often be misleading).

●Available in a broad choice of styles and finishes.

●The entire process is in your control, i.e. the end result will be because of your hard work.

Flatpack cons:

●Advanced flat pack / DIY skills are required.

●You must own a comprehensive tool kit (additional expense).

●You must have a high-stress threshold and be incredibly patient.

●You must project manage the entire kitchen renovation yourself (from planning to completion).

●The time taken to complete your project and the costs involved can unexpected blowout.

Custom made pros:

●Your kitchen will be custom made to precisely fit your kitchen space.

●You can choose from a wide selection of quality components, materials, and finishes.

●Experienced professionals will project manage your entire renovation to save you from the time-consuming stress of such duties.

●A certified professional will ensure your end result meets your expectations.

●You will be provided a fixed price prior to commencing.

●You will be provided a clear end date for the project.

●A high-quality finished look is guaranteed.

Renovation cost variables.

kitchen bench top


A wide variety of benchtops are available for homeowners looking to renovate—ranging from budget to high-end. The more budget-friendly options such as laminate benchtops are available in a huge selection of colours to suit any style of kitchen. Laminate benchtops are also available in a marble look finish that may be a consideration for those who want a more affordable imitation option. Modern stone benchtops are available in an array of varying colours and styles but are more expensive than laminate. Stone benchtops will vary depending on the grade of stone selected, however, due to the increase in popularity of stone benchtops the pricing is more economical than it once was. All benchtop costings are calculated on a square metre rate for your convenience.


kitchen cabinets


Kitchen cabinet “carcasses” are commonly manufactured using medium-density fibreboard(MDF) which often performs better than solid wood in many areas. Doors and drawer fronts can be made using laminate, vinyl-wrap or Two Pack depending on your desired finish. Laminate is the most affordable option; whereas Two Pack is the most expensive as it requires a more time-consuming production process. Vinyl-wrap is another affordable option which provides a luxurious, gloss-finish that is found in numerous high-end kitchens. Due to the similarities of the two Pack and vinyl-wrap finishes, sometimes even professionals find it difficult to decipher which method was used for a particular project.

kitchen splashback


The most common materials utilised for splashbacks include tiles, mosaics, glass, stainless steel and stone. Tiles and mosaics come in as the most affordable options, but if you’re wanting a crisp finish without grout lines that is incredibly low maintenance—glass is a phenomenal choice.


Kitchen accessories can make storage cabinets far more utilisable and increase the practicality of your kitchen immensely if installed in a smart manner. Kitchen accessories offer homeowners cost-effective ways to incorporate space-saving features; and will increase the organisation and capacity of your corner cupboards, pantries, cutlery and utensil drawers. Be sure to factor in kitchen accessories during your planning phase to avoid potential issues.

kitchen appliances


If you wish to replace all your appliances this will increase your kitchen renovation costs and should be factored into your budget prior to commencing. Keeping your appliances (if possible)is a great way to save money which can be used on the costly structural changes of your kitchen renovation. If you’re wanting integrated appliances the cost for the appliances themselves and the custom cabinetry is generally higher than purchasing off-the-shelf appliances. BJF Joinery has strong partnerships with major retailers which allow our team to source new appliances for your kitchen renovation for the most competitive prices.

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