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In 2020, home improvement is trending while moving is not.

Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, 2020 so far has been an unprecedented time where most are confined to their homes far more than usual. This has provided many homeowners with the perspective and drive to thoroughly examine areas within their existing homes in which they’re confined too, to identify spaces they could renovate to increase the overall liveability, flow and value of their property.

Moving to a new house is discouraged during this time for obvious reasons, so many more are looking into the prospect of future home improvements, that will help increase the style and practicality of their existing homes. Naturally, kitchen renovations are in the forefront for those considering entering the renovation and home improvement sector, as the kitchen is often the most highly utilised area within the home. If done right, a kitchen renovation can aid substantially in increasing the value and market appeal of your home or investment property when/if you decide to sell.

Kitchen Renovation observation crescent


#StayHome is the best time to plan your kitchen renovation.


Due to the current political urge to stay home, it’s understandable that many people have found themselves confined to their homes with their family members or roommates in close proximity, more than ever. This has provided homeowners the perfect time to take a moment to evaluate what they really need or desire in their existing space to maximise quality of life. Alternatively, if you have been planning a kitchen renovation for a while, now might be the time where you have more of the ability to focus on completing your plans and finally getting that quote?

What we have found is that due to the spike in inside time, many have recently concluded that their kitchen is not functional enough for their lifestyle. People are craving indoor and outdoor design cohesion, or just need more storage and overall functionality in their existing kitchen. BJF Joinery is still open for business (with site visits and meeting restrictions in place) and can be contacted to discuss plans, sketches and quotes for those wanting to explore their kitchen renovation dream during this time.

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Improving not moving is better financially.


The general consensus right now is that extending or renovating an existing property is a better financial decision than moving into a new house due to the rapidly rising property prices. If a home renovation or extension is done right, you can increase the value of your home without

the added pressure and additional expenses that come along with buying new. Agent fees, legal fees, stamp duty and of course the desire for an upgrade are not likely to be less than what you would spend on a home renovation. An easy and ever-popular way to increase the value of your home is by transforming an outdated kitchen into an open-plan, multifunctional and welcoming area within the home.

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The key to adding value.


BJF Joinery understands the importance of adding value to the home through kitchen renovation strategies such as using existing space in a more effective way, or reconfiguring an outdated layout to completely transform a home. At BJF Joinery, we understand that a kitchen renovation must be cohesive with the existing home design and the value of the property. For the majority of our clients, we encourage classic, well-configured, bespoke kitchens, that have energy efficient appliances. These important elements are fantastic for increasing the overall liveability of the home and will hold their value in the years to come.

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Create an investment.


You’ll notice that due to the increase in popularity of home improvements, realtors now highlight the material and appliance choices within kitchens of listed homes when advertising. This is known to entice buyers and convey design quality, which gives you a competitive edge when wanting to sell. By thinking long term, you can ensure that sound decisions are made in regard to home and kitchen renovation plans. Think high-quality materials, master craftsmanship and a future-proof, classic design. BJF Joinery are market experts who understand that the current property prices are not static, we provide advice and services for kitchen renovations that will give you confidence in a future high-end property market.

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