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freestanding cooker for new kitchen renovation

Your Ultimate Guide to Freestanding Cookers

The freestanding cooker makes for the ideal luxurious addition to any kitchen renovation. It creates a more traditional cooking setup in the home as it’s built into the bench and has a stovetop above the oven to create an easy flowing cooking space that has all outlets in close proximity. Freestanding cookers are not only very aesthetically pleasing, they are also extremely easy to clean and repair as they aren’t built in which makes them far more accessible to yourself and contractors.

Freestanding cookers are very much an individual design feature too, as they don’t sit flush with your kitchen like an in-built oven. So if you’re after seamless integration in your kitchen renovation a freestanding cooker may not be ideal for your kitchen renovation. The typical 900mm freestanding cooker works fantastic for the majority of kitchens floor plans—and you’ll find it will never look too big or too small with the other fittings in your space. For larger kitchens the 1100mm cookers make for a fantastic feature that allows you to easily cater for the needs of a large family. Freestanding ovens have been a fundamental aspect of Australian kitchens since the 1990s, so their cooking capabilities and functionality need not be questioned. Here is your ultimate guide on the best freestanding cookers available in the Australian market from super luxury to affordable options—for your upcoming kitchen renovation.

  • Falcon Nexus Steam 1100mm Chrome Fitting Freestanding Induction Cooker – Black – $16689.

    This magnificently luxurious design encapsulates the most high-end features and will take your kitchen renovation to new heights. The Falcon Nexus Steam 1100mm Chrome Fitting Freestanding Induction Cooker offers multiple options to easily suit different cooking requirements and handle various kinds of food. The Falcon Nexus features a flexible hob top with 7 cooking zones, including a powerful multi-ring burner and a hotplate, to accommodate varying cookware. It comes complete with an 11-mode multi-function oven, making it ideal for baking and roasting too. This design has a dedicated steam cavity which lets you cook your favourite dishes while retaining more moisture, flavour, and nutrients. This phenomenal design helps pave your way to success in the kitchen, everytime! For the enthusiastic cook, this design has a built-in proving drawer which is specially designed for proving dough, drying herbs, or warming plates; and can also be used as a storage space for kitchen accessories. This phenomenal design is also available in ivory, slate and steel to suit the majority of kitchen design themes.


freestanding cooker for new kitchen renovation

  • Smeg 1100mm Freestanding Cooker – Cream – $10299.

    This smeg freestanding cooker is a market leader with it’s desirable 1100mm size and super stylish design. The Smeg Cooker offers two, six function ovens, both with 70 litre capacities, and four cooking levels so that you can easily multi-task in the kitchen if you have a big meal to prepare. Running off natural gas, the 7-zone gas hob has an ultra-rapid triple wok burner, two rapid burners, two semi rapid burners and two auxiliary burners so that you’ll never run out of space on your Smeg Cooktop. This ultimate freestanding oven has an enamelled metal that is extremely easy to clean which will make cooking far more convenient on a daily basis. The cast-iron trivets on the cooktop complete the look, providing an impressive contrast between the modernity of the functions and the signature classic design. This design is also available in black and chrome which will make the perfect addition to any modern or classic kitchen renovation.


freestanding cooker cream for new kitchen renovation

  • Belling Richmond Deluxe Induction Range Cooker with Linear Rangehood – White – $10048.

    If you have a busy kitchen that is utilised to cook and feed multiple people throughout the day, the Belling Richmond Deluxe is your ultimate reliable cooking companion. In a generous 1100mm size, this freestanding induction range cooker has a 224L total cooking capacity and multiple oven functions. The accompanying 90cm Linear Rangehood acts to extract smoke and odours that emanate from your cooking, which is the perfect way to keep your kitchen and home more hygienic. This is the ultimate traditional style rangehood cooker with modern features. Enjoy the flexibility of four ovens with the market leading Quad Oven Technology™ combining the Proflex™ Splitter and Equiflow™ twin fans. The Proflex™ Splitter slides into the Tall Oven to create two independently sealed ovens when you need it. The Equiflow™ Fan evenly distributes heat around the full cavity. Naturally resulting in controlled, consistent temperatures when cooking.


freestanding cooker and range hood kitchen renovation

  • Falcon Classic Deluxe 900mm Dual Fuel Freestanding Cooker – Royal Blue Brass – $9489.

    Falcon’s Classic Deluxe 90cm dual fuel range cooker features three cooking cavities–a separate glide-out grill, a multi function electric oven and a fan forced electric oven. This classic design is available in eight impressive classic colours with your choice of brass or chrome fittings. The falcon 900mm is a fantastic size that will work seamlessly in most kitchen renovation floor plans. It features five gas burners including a multi ring burner, wok cradle and non-stick griddle plate to cater for meals of all capacities. This flexible modern cooker allows you to boil, sear, grill, bake and roast all at once. This Dual Fuel freestanding cooker has a flame safety device and a child lock to help prevent accidents from happening in the kitchen. The Falcon Classic Deluxe cooker has an under knob electronic ignition and a rapid response feature that preheats the oven 30% faster compared to a fan oven!

freestanding cooker blue kitchen renovation

  • Smeg 900mm Victoria Aesthetic Freestanding Cooker with Canopy Rangehood – $8499.

    This vintage inspired design has the most modern and high-tech features that will make cooking the easiest it’s ever been. The 900mm size is perfect for most kitchen sizes and this makes for the ideal luxurious addition to many kitchen renovations. The high-quality design and integrated technology teamed with the classic design, means this will be the ultimate statement piece for your kitchen for many years to come. This high-end cooker features Smeg’s Thermoseal technology which ensures cold air doesn’t enter and heat doesn’t exit during the cooking process, which means it’s now possible to have both a succulent and perfectly browned chicken roast dinner. The ultra-rapid dual burners make for speedy wok stir-fries or are perfect for making heart-warming soup in a large stockpot as you sear, simmer and boil side dishes on the accompanying burners. Choose the rotisserie function to create the perfect fall apart meat for entertaining or the bakers function to create a professional level birthday cake at home. This easy to clean enamel design is available in a range of classic colours and also features a Vapour Clean function which allows for the ultimate internal cleaning process which uses steam to dislodged built up grease and grime.

  • Belling 1100mm CookCentre Deluxe Induction Range Cooker – Stainless Steel – $7499.

    The Belling 1100mm CookCentre Deluxe Induction Range Cooker allows you to cater for large family events with ease with the flexibility of a multifunction oven and the convenience and efficiency of an induction cooktop. This Belling classic design has a 41L compact oven ideal for cooking and baking small dishes. The 71L multifunction oven with 13 variable settings is perfect for preparing varying types of meat, seafood, and other large entertaining dishes. This Belling design has the 71L Equiflow oven technology which allows for far more flexibility in cooking modes, along with a 41L oven ideal for impressing guests with slow cook recipes. The Belling CookCentre Deluxe has an induction cooktop with a 5-zone induction hotplate, making it ideal for preparing small dishes like stews, stir-frys, and more. This modern designed classic cooktop features a white LED display and a touch control interface which is user-friendly and extremely simple to operate.

freestanding cooker induction kitchen renovation

  • ILVE 800mm PRO-Line Single Oven Freestanding Cooker with 5 Gas Burner Cooktop – $4799.

    If you’re passionate about entertaining family and guests alike, the ILVE 800mm PRO-Line Single Oven Freestanding Cooker features a generous 97L net capacity oven and a 6 burner gas cooktop, which allows you to prepare, bake and stir-fry dishes simultaneously. Safety is paramount for the ILVE PRO-Line 800mm Freestanding Cooker which features a triple door glaze, a sealed oven cavity, as well as a cool-to-touch, athermic door handle and knobs. This PRO-Line Single Oven Freestanding Cooker’s oven offers 9 cooking functions and variable temperature control from 50 up to 250 degrees Celsius to suit your culinary needs. Its cooktop also has convenient knob controls for easy heat adjustment. With a 5-button programmable timer, the ILVE PRO-Line Cooker lets you preset the cooking time and duration that is convenient for you. Plus, it has an ULTRA-EZI Clean interior to make maintenance a breeze.

freestanding cooker live stainless steel gas cooktop kitchen renovation

  • Electrolux 900mm Dual Fuel Pyrolytic Freestanding Cooker – $4499.

    If you’re an enthusiastic cook who loves to make impressive meals for your family and friends, the Electrolux 900mm Dual Fuel Pyrolytic Freestanding Cooker is your ultimate kitchen companion. This extremely versatile design has a cooker with 13 multifunction modes with Bake+Steam and a generous 125L gross interior capacity. Some of the key features include a twin fan system for efficient air circulation which allows for a more even cook every time. This design is equipped with the Intuitive Oven Interface (IOI) which makes it extremely easy to operate. This impressive Electrolux design comes with a 22MJ per hour wok burner, giving you a dedicated area for cooking larger dishes. This design is complete with a soft close door and flame failure safety device to ensure your safety is paramount. This market leading cooktop features a self-cleaning pyrolytic function and smart food probe to ensure your favourite meals are safe and hygienic.

freestanding cooker stainless steel Electrolux kitchen renovation

  • Ariston 900mm Professional Freestanding Cooker – $2899.

    The Ariston 900mm professional freestanding oven features a 68L net oven capacity, 5 gas burners and 8 cooking functions that will cater to the most advanced cooking needs. The oven functions are designed to be extremely flexible to cater to cooking meals that require intense high heat such as grilling meats or more uniform heat distribution throughout the oven for baking. The small flame is ideal for small pans while the large ring can be used for bringing water to the boil very quickly. These two double ring double regulation features can be used simultaneously for a major boost. This advanced Ariston model features self-cleaning catalytic liners that work with the heat of the oven to effectively break down stubborn grease and grime, which makes cleaning fast and simple. This design puts safety on a pedestal and features a one hand electronic ignition and flame failure gas cut-off system.


professional freestanding cooker kitchen renovation

Why choose BJF Joinery for your upcoming kitchen renovation?

If you are planning your upcoming kitchen renovation and are needing expert advice on your choice of kitchen appliances, space configuration and layout—BJF Joinery is built with a team of qualified professionals who are ready and waiting to help you with every step of the process. With over 30 years of industry experience, the BJF Joinery experience is always seamless and pleasant for our valued customers. We are equipped to provide you with expert advice on all
elements of your kitchen renovation to ensure you receive your desired outcome.

BJF Joinery offers a free consultation to customers who are wanting to explore their kitchen renovation options under the guidance of seasoned professionals. Committing to a kitchen renovation can be a daunting and expensive task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of BJF Joinery, you can have all your burning questions answered and feel 100% confident in your kitchen renovation plans prior to commencing the renovation itself. Their impressive joinery work can be found in many homes and businesses around Australia. You can send your plans or sketches to BJF Joinery for quoting or they also offer personalised design services. BJF Joinery also provides customers with drawings and photo realistic 3D renders of your ideas to give you better scope and understanding of your job.

Come visit their informative and aesthetically pleasing showroom or speak to one of their qualified in-house designers who can assist you with everything from design/layout, colour selection, material advice and of course your appliance selection. Once you’ve secured your design plans BJF Joinery offers all the major trade services including electrical, plumbing, tiling, building, painting and signage etc. all completed by certified industry professionals who are renowned for their attention to detail and consistent high quality work.

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