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Kitchen renovation built on the Gold coast with a modern country style by BJF Joinery

Kitchen Renovation Blunders: 5 Horror Stories and How to Avoid Them!

At BJF Joinery, we are passionate about creating beautiful and functional kitchens that stand the test of time. However, we’ve seen our share of kitchen renovation blunders that have turned dream kitchens into real-life horror stories. Here, we share five such stories and offer our expert advice on how to avoid these common pitfalls.

1. Lack of Comprehensive Design Plan

The Horror Story:
We at BJF Joinery have met numerous homeowners who have dived into kitchen renovations without a detailed design plan. This omission often results in a mismatched and fragmented appearance, affecting the overall aesthetics and functionality of the kitchen.

How to Avoid It:
We advocate for meticulous planning before undertaking any renovation project. Collaborate with a professional designer who can understand your vision and render it into a harmonious and practical design, integrating all elements from fixtures to appliances for a flawless look and feel.

2. Disregarding the Work Triangle

The Horror Story:
The kitchen work triangle, connecting the sink, stove, and refrigerator, is vital for maintaining an efficient kitchen layout. We’ve remodelled kitchens where this crucial principle was overlooked, leading to crowded and impractical spaces.

How to Avoid It:
Keep the work triangle at the forefront of your kitchen design. The distances between these three elements should be balanced to ensure smooth movement and optimal use. Seek advice from our experienced designers at BJF Joinery to refine the layout navigating any structural limitations.

3. Selecting Low-Quality Materials

The Horror Story:
Choosing substandard materials to cut costs is another blunder we’ve corrected. This decision often leads to early deterioration, necessitating expensive repairs or replacements and compromising the renovation’s overall value.

How to Avoid It:
Choose high-quality, durable materials that can endure daily kitchen activities. Selecting superior finishes and sturdy construction will prolong the life and enhance the aesthetic value of your kitchen, providing lasting satisfaction.

4. Insufficient Storage Solutions

The Horror Story:
We have encountered kitchens with inadequate storage solutions, resulting in cluttered and unmanageable spaces. The shortage of storage creates a disorderly and inconvenient kitchen environment.

How to Avoid It:
Incorporate smart storage solutions to utilise every inch of available space. Use pull-out drawers, spacious cabinets, and inventive organisers to ensure a place for everything, leading to a well-ordered and harmonious kitchen.

5. Underestimating Lighting Importance

The Horror Story:
Neglecting the significance of proper lighting is another common mistake. Kitchens with inadequate lighting are not only unwelcoming but also impede functionality, making culinary tasks strenuous.

How to Avoid It:
Integrate diverse lighting, including task, ambient, and accent lights, to establish a well-balanced and versatile lighting environment. Opt for energy-efficient LED lights and consider dimmable options for versatility.


Embarking on a kitchen renovation is a significant endeavour. By sidestepping these frequent mistakes, highlighted by our experiences at BJF Joinery, you can ensure a seamless kitchen renovation process and attain a kitchen that melds beauty with functionality.

  • Thoroughly plan with a professional designer to develop a unified and functional design that corresponds with your aspirations and the spatial constraints.
  • Maintain the work triangle to enable effortless movement and practicality, consulting with our specialists at BJF Joinery to optimise the configuration.
  • Invest in premium materials to ensure the longevity and appeal of your kitchen, averting early damage and unnecessary replacements.
  • Optimise storage by integrating innovative solutions for a clutter-free and harmonious kitchen space.
  • Focus on lighting by implementing a versatile lighting plan with various sources, choosing energy-saving and adaptable solutions.

By embracing these principles, you can avoid these kitchen renovation blunders and achieve your ideal kitchen, combining sophistication with efficiency, delivering a gratifying and lasting addition to your home.

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