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country style kitchen renovation

How often should you redo your kitchen?

Kitchens are the most popular area within a home to renovate as they are notorious for being a heavily trafficked area that has the potential to add serious value to your home once upgraded. Most homeowners will renovate their kitchen at least once, but due to the high utilisation of this space particularly for homes with multiple occupiers, building professionals recommend remodeling your kitchen every 10-15 years. If you are curious as to whether your kitchen is indire need of a renovation, see our list of very valid reasons to start planning your kitchenrenovation today.

Your existing kitchen is damaged.

Although this recommended timeframe of every 10-15 years can be used as a general guide, there are sometimes very valid reasonings as to why your kitchen may need renovating even sooner. Since kitchens are one of the most highly utilised spaces within a home, this means they are more prone to damage. Some kitchens around a decade old may have water leaks or have experienced water leaks in the past that have caused substantial damage to cabinetry. Your kitchen may have damaged floorboards or missing tiles that are unsightly and also a hazard. If your integrated appliances no longer work or your kitchen mixer is stiff and frustrating to use—consider renovating. If one of these issues is present, this may be simple and cost-effective to fix as an isolated problem. However, if your kitchen is riddled with broken appliances and damaged materials it’s often more economical to engage in a full kitchen renovation in order to completely overhaul the space.

It’s no longer functional for your lifestyle.

As time goes on your kitchen functionality needs may alter, particularly if you are planning on or have already welcomed new members to your family. If initially there were just two of you utilising your kitchen, now all of a sudden there are four and there’s not enough bench space or room to move, it’s time to consider remodeling in order to make your space more utilisable on a daily basis. If you’re an enthusiastic entertainer who loves to host dinner parties, you may be craving more space. If you’re an avid chef that wants a more successfully zoned cooking space, you may want to consider renovating your kitchen. When remodeling your kitchen you also have the option to remove unnecessary walls that enclose your space. A kitchen remodel can help you create an open plan living design that is highly appealing if you want to put your house on the market as this move is notorious for adding substantial value to your home.

Your kitchen design is outdated.

It’s more straightforward to renovate bedrooms and living areas within your home by simply painting and adding new flooring. If you have revamped most of your home but your kitchen is looking lacklustre and out of place it may be time to remodel your kitchen in order to achieve design cohesion throughout your home. If your home is 20+ years old and your kitchen is still inits original form, it’s highly recommended to the homeowner to renovate their kitchen if the funds are available to do so. Kitchen remodeling can completely overhaul the look and feel of your home and you have the ability to customise your chosen features and fittings in order to make it ideal for your family. Older style kitchens are often severely lacking adequate storage and can appear far more cluttered than a more contemporary design. By renovating your kitchen you can add copious amounts of storage space in a discrete manner and even integrate appliances to make your kitchen look clean and seamless.

Your kitchen needs new appliances.

Often kitchen appliances have a lifespan of 5-15 years, which means if one or more of your appliances have stopped working then usually this is a sign your kitchen needs a complete overhaul. Even if your old appliances are still technically working, there’s no way they will be up to the standard of new-age appliances after a decade or so of extended use. Don’t try to repair outdated appliances as this can often be more costly for a homeowner. Use this as an opportunity to check your fixtures to see what else in your kitchen can simultaneously be updated. Newer appliances are more energy efficient too, this can save you hundreds of dollars on energy bills.

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