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modern kitchen renovation

How much is a small kitchen remodel?

When undertaking a kitchen renovation there are a number of variables that will contribute to the inflation or minimisation or your end costs. Factors such as the existing condition of your kitchen, your personal preference in features and finishes and your chosen design strategy, all play a vital role in determining your kitchen renovation costs. Most importantly the degree in which you are wanting to remodel your space will immediately give renovation specialists more of an idea of the end price tag for the job. The main reason for this is because cosmetic renovations can hugely vary (cost-wise) from a full demolition and rebuild.

The Housing Industry Association (HIA)’s Kitchens and Bathrooms survey conducted in February/March 2019 found the overwhelming majority of kitchen renovations in Australia last year – (78%) – were performed in homes that were between 11 and 20 years old. If you have been wanting to renovate your outdated kitchen for quite some time now, 2020 may be the year you get the ball rolling. The sooner you renovate the more time you have to enjoy your end results. If you’re concerned about your bottom line, we have compiled some price breakdowns in line with common kitchen remodeling goals which will provide you with valuable insights that will help you come to the right decision in regard to your specific circumstances.

The average cost to remodel your kitchen.

Despite your kitchen renovation costs varying due to your material choice and layout desires, according to HIA the average cost to renovate a kitchen is $26,280 (not including appliances). The Architecture Australia 2019 cost guide estimates kitchen renovations will cost between$15,000 and $43,000 (not including white goods). Kitchen renovation costs are dependent on whether the owner is wanting a budget or luxury renovation. A simple contemporary upgrade where the layout of the kitchen is not altered significantly will be on the lower scale, whereas a complete luxury kitchen demolish and rebuild can soar much higher than those figures depending on chosen appliances, installation services and speciality plumbing/electrical work.

General cost guide.

Budgetsmallkitchenrenovations:​ can range from approx. $10,000 to $25,000.Mid-rangekitchenrenovations:​ can range from approx. $25,000 to $45,000.Luxurykitchenrenovations:​ can range from $45,000 and is essentially unlimited depending on your requirements and personal budget.

What are the main differences between budget,mid-range and luxury kitchen renovations?

Budget kitchen renovations generally include a small kitchen remodel with basic cabinetry, laminate benchtops and economically priced appliances and lighting solutions incorporated into the final kitchen design. If you don’t relocate major areas within your kitchen and keep existing plumbing in it’s designated location, it will be far more achievable to stay within this budget price bracket for your small kitchen renovation.

If you decide to incorporate any form of custom cabinetry or include real wood features in your kitchen renovation, this has the potential to move your budget kitchen renovation into the midrange or higher price bracket. Engineering custom Corian or Caesarstone benchtops for your kitchen remodel also has the potential to take your kitchen renovation into the mid-range or luxury renovation price bracket.

There are cost-saving marble-look options available to customers who want that luxurious feel for a fraction of the cost. Marble look tiles and Laminex’s timber veneer range are also economical materials that give a high-quality imitation look. Mid-range kitchen renovations may incorporate one luxurious element teamed with numerous budget options to create a balance that falls within the mid-range budget.

What will affect the cost of my kitchen remodel?

Luxurious kitchen renovations tend to incorporate the most high-end natural stones such as marble, real wood and intelligent customised kitchen automation and lighting solutions. They are complete with the highest price bracket integrated kitchen appliances and generally flow into an open plan living and dining area seamlessly. Achieving this design cohesion generally will come at an extra cost and including any form of customisation in your kitchen renovation will also increase the costs.

Does kitchen size affect my renovation costs?

The size of your existing kitchen will be a major factor in determining your kitchen renovation costs. The smaller the kitchen the lower your costs will be for labour and materials. Generally, smaller kitchen renovations have a shorter project timeline which will be less disruptive to your life. If you wish to increase the size of your small kitchen to a larger more functional space, inmost cases this does cost more but will also assist in adding huge value to your home.

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