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Gold double bowl sink for new kitchen renovation

Your Ultimate Kitchen Sink Buying Guide.

Choosing a brand-new kitchen sink is an investment that will completely change the look and functionality of your kitchen. Before you decide on your ideal kitchen sink there are many things you need to consider to ensure you’re making the right decision. See below for a quick guide on elements you should factor in prior to purchasing your kitchen sink.

What size do you want?

Take into consideration the size of your benchtop to ensure you aren’t going too small or too large. As a general rule of thumb it’s always best to have more sink space than less, especially if you have multiple people who utilise this space. The size of your chosen sink will also come down to your budget as often the larger the sink or a double sink will mean a higher price tag. If you have a small contemporary kitchen an oversized hamptons style sink will just look out of place. If you don’t cook often or you don’t have a large family to cater to, a standard sink should accommodate your needs easily. This way you can invest the extra money you would have spent on a larger double bowl sink on another kitchen design element or appliance. If you have a kitchen window above your sink location; size your sink in accordance with this window. This doesn’t mean you need to mirror the width of your window with your chosen sink, it just means that it can look out of place if you have a super-wide sink set below a narrow window and vice versa. If you’re an enthusiastic cook who prefers hand-washing dishes to using the dishwasher, a large divided-bowl sink with an integrated drainboard is a great option.

What material choice works best for your lifestyle?

Kitchen sinks are available in a range of differing materials including porcelain, stainless steel and cast iron. Stainless steel is the most popular material for modern kitchen sinks, as a stainless sink is hardwearing and looks great when paired with granite, stone, or wood countertops. For more traditional kitchen renovation styles such as Hamptone or Farmhouse, materials such as porcelain and fireclay are the popular choice as these are often white in colour and only feature a single basin (though can be divided into two separate reservoirs in some custom designs).

Do you want an undermount or drop-in design?

Drop-in sinks, also called self-rimming or top-mount, are the market leading kitchen sink designs. A drop-in sink has a visible lip around its perimeter that rests flat on the countertop Whereas an undermount sink does have a rim, but the rim is not visible because it rests up against the bottom of the bench. Undermount sinks are considered a more high-end option, whereas a drop-in design is the more economical choice. Undermount sinks won’t impede on your bench space unnecessarily whereas drop-in sinks are easier to clean. Drop-in sinks will work for all benchtops whereas undermount sinks are said to be more appealing for resale.

Do you need a single or double-bowl?

A double bowl sink generally has more room which makes meal preparation and washing dishes more compartmentalised. Double bowl sinks are ideal for larger kitchens and especially those that cater for large families. The double bowl allows you to wash larger pots and pans easily which you may not want to run through the dishwasher. A single bowl sink is better suited to smaller kitchens as they don’t take up as much bench space. The popular Hamptons style
kitchen generally has an extra-large single bowl sink which looks good but also is very functional due to how deep and wide this design is.

The best kitchen sinks available for the Australian market.

Here is a list of some of the most luxurious to more economical sink choices to incorporate in your upcoming kitchen renovation. Different sink bowls, materials and shapes have been included in this list to give you an idea of the broad range of sinks that are currently available in the Australian kitchen sink market.

  • Linsol Tramontina Plus Double Bowl Sink & Aria Kitchen Mixer Package – $2479.

    The Linsol Tramontina 40 Plus Double Bowl is made from Brazilian stainless steel with leading edge mono bloc technology and 304 surgical grade stainless steel. The entire Linsol sink range comes with an unbeatable twenty five year satisfaction guaranteed warranty. The accompanying Linsol Aria Kitchen Mixer brings an elegantly, curvaceous element to complete your kitchen set-up. The Italian made sink mixer features a tall spout to ensure there is no squeezing or twisting trying to access water with dishes or bottles providing easier reach and superior cleaning capabilities. This luxurious and stylish sink is the perfect addition to any contemporary kitchen and boasts a 6 star WELS Water Efficiency rating.

double bowl sink and tap for new kitchen renovation

  • Turner Hastings Novi 85×46 Fine Fireclay Double Bowl Butler Sink – Matte Black – $2299.

    Made with durable, thermal-shock resistant fireclay and glazing, the Novi Fine Fireclay Double Bowl Butler Sink is a high quality design that can withstand fast temperature changes and ongoing, repetitive use in a busy household. The double bowl butler sink has both a ribbed and flat side to serve as a complementary frontal design for the rest of your kitchen. This Novi double bowl sink has a 34L capacity for each bowl which allows for ample space for completing any kitchen task imagainebale. This sink is the ideal cooking and cleaning companion that can be a beautiful centerpiece for a variation of modern kitchens.



  • Franke Bolero Double Sink Package – $1499.

    Both stylish and practical, the Franke Bolero Double Sink Package includes a double bowl sink to accommodate different dishwashing tasks and a pull-out spray mixer for optimum control of water output. This sink is easy to install and is made from high grade stainless steel which is extremely durable and long lasting. The Franke’s Rollamat is ideal for drying off wet crockery or protecting your kitchen surface from hot pots. The overall design of this sink and accompanying mixer is sleek and clean which is perfect for most contemporary Australian kitchen renovations.

  • Blanco Silgranit Single Bowl Sink – White – $1339.

    This Silgranit sink is the epitome of a high-end, classy kitchen sink that is made from durable granite and boasts an extremely easy to clean design. This sink is scratch-proof and stain resistant and it also has an antibacterial and dirt repellent effect. This sink has a spacious, 48L bowl which makes it easy to cook and clean, even with the bulkiest pots and pans. The Silgranit sink features split-level design, with a convenient raised work area ideal for rinsing vegetables or washing utensils, helping to make the most of your kitchen space.

  • Caroma Compass 1.75 Left Hand Bowl Sink No Tap Hole – $1249.

    The Caroma Compass 1.75 Left Hand Bowl Sink simplifies dishwashing and food preparation tasks with a basket waste that stops debris and food waste from clogging this smart design. Made from 304-grade stainless-steel, the Caroma Compass 1.75 Left Hand Bowl Sink can cater to the constant needs of a busy household with ease. This sink has a dual bowl design and an included bamboo preparation board, so you can wash dishes or prepare food ingredients with ease. This contemporary design is suitable for undermount and overmount applications and is available in right and left-hand configurations.

  • Meir 860x440mm Double Bowl Kitchen Sink – Brushed Bronze Gold – $1199.

    This Meir double bowl sink employs sound-absorbing technology, which effectively reduces overall noise and vibrations, which makes using your kitchen on a daily basis more enjoyable. This thoughtful design features hand-crafted rounded internal edges and a compressed surface edging, which helps avoid residue and grime build-up. The Meir Bowl Sink is made with a 1.5mm thick 304 grade stainless steel and is available in a range of contemporary colour options to suit your personal preference. This design can be under or top-mounted on a benchtop in your kitchen or laundry room.

Gold double bowl sink for new kitchen renovation

  • Blanco PLEON 8 Single Bowl Inset Sink – White – $1099.

    Made from SILGRANIT PuraDur this single bowl sink is acid, heat and scratch resistant which means it will stand the test of time in a busy kitchen. This crisp and classic design incorporates Hygiene + Plus technology for added hygiene protection and reduced bacterial growth. This straight-lined design is subtle yet stylish which allows it to work in a range of contemporary and traditional kitchen renovation design plans.

single bowl sink white kitchen renovation

  • Oliveri Florence Single Bowl Top Mount Sink with Drainer – Black – $995.

    The Oliveri Florence Top Mount Sink is a beautiful contemporary design that is made from scratch-resistant materials. This sink is constructed in Italy and is made from 80% granite and quartz and 20% resin. This luxurious sink comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind. The granite construction can also withstand thermal shocks and is heat resistant to up to 280 degrees Celsius. An active agent in the sink resists limescale and removes bad smells and pollutant substances.

    single bowl black sink

  • Meir 760x440mm Double Bowl Kitchen Sink – Brushed Nickel – $939.

    The Meir 760x440mm Double Bowl Kitchen Sink is the smaller version of the Meir 860x440mm Double Bowl kitchen sink. This sink features innovative nanotechnology and is crafted with an elegant slimline profile with a PVD coloured finish which is ideal for smaller kitchens as it doesn’t impede on your benchtop as much as other double bowl kitchen sinks. This sink is made from 304 Premium Grade Stainless Steel and employs sound-absorbing technology. Due to the PVD finish this sink is not scratch proof so care should be taken with sharp objects.

double bowl sink brushed nickel for new kitchen renovation

  • Clark Capri 1.5 Right Hand Bowl Undermount/Overmount Sink – $779.

    This is an economical yet stylish contemporary sink that has a clean-lined design which consists of a large main bowl and a smaller right hand bowl for added flexibility. Made from 304 Grade 1.2mm stainless steel, this kitchen sink is tough enough to withstand everyday use. This streamline, functional and classically designed Clark Capri sink gives you the flexibility of installing undermount or overmount. Included in this purchase are stainless steel basket wastes with an easy to use push mechanism for your convenience.

undermount sink for new kitchen renovation

  • Oliveri Diaz Double Bowl Universal Sink – $595. 

    The Oliveri Diaz Sink comes with two 90mm basket wastes and offers generous depth and space which makes meal preparation and cleaning up a breeze. Made from 304 grade, 18/10 polished stainless steel, the Oliveri Diaz Double Bowl Universal Sink is a durable design that will withstand regular kitchen use and will last for years to come. This double bowl sink can be installed as either an undermount or topmount sink to suit your kitchen space. This single taphole design is sleek and contemporary and works seamlessly with numerous kitchen design themes.

double bowl sink for new kitchen renovation

  • Linsol Prime Right Hand Double Bowl Sink with Banjo Solid Handle Sink Mixer – $389.

    If you want affordable practicality, the Linsol Prime Right Hand Double Bowl Sink is the ideal kitchen companion that is made from durable stainless steel. This spacious design is a two bowl configuration which provides ample space for cooking and cleaning simultaneously. The Banjo Solid Handle Sink Mixer is the perfect addition to this sturdy and impressively designed kitchen sink. Perfect for a busy kitchen setting, the Linsol Prime kitchen sink is designed in Italy and renowned for its high-quality Australian construction. Linsol is a reliable brand that offers generous manufacturer warranties and a range of accompanying accessories and mixers that can be seamlessly paired with the Linsol Prime kitchen sink.

double bowl sink with drainer and sink mixer for new kitchen renovation

If you are planning an upcoming kitchen renovation and are wanting to discuss important elements such as your kitchen sink configuration with a team of professionals—contact BJF joinery today to arrange an obligation free consultation. BJF Joinery are a longstanding Queensland based business with an impressive showroom and long list of valued clients who have been elated with the results of their work. There is a team of in-house designers who can help you make the right choices for your space and they offer personalised design services which include providing clients with drawings and photo realistic 3D renders of their kitchen renovation ideas. BJF Joinery has a team who are highly qualified, motivated and ready and waiting to bring your dream kitchen to life!

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