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Five Ways to Make a Modern Kitchen Luxurious

A quick trick that homeowners and sellers like to do right before a sale is add brand name appliances and peripherals to give the property some edge. But we all know this doesn’t change the actual property. It is just a quick way to spice it up. We have put together this article to outline five tips that ramp up your kitchen to the next level of luxury. These five tips will turn your regular cooking space into a modern luxurious kitchen. 

Tech it up

Technology has changed the way we do everything. It is no different for the kitchen. Nothing says luxury more than some high-tech gadgets. Automation has become a new buzzword and there is a reason why. Automating your kitchen with voice activated speakers allows you to compile a grocery list with no hands. Automation can be applied to other appliances such as fridges and the lighting of your kitchen. If you want a truly 21st century luxury kitchen you should be looking into teching up. It is very important that when you deal with automation you plan from the start. Some automated appliances and gadgets will need to be installed and set up by an electrician. So plan smart for your next high-end kitchen renovation.

Classy Cabinets Are Key

Cabinets are a perfect place to start for a luxurious renovation. They are one of the most prominent features of any kitchen. By choosing the right materials and styles you will add a level of luxury from the get-go. When choosing cabinets for a high-end look you want to stick with classics. Classics age well. When you invest in a luxury kitchen the last thing you want is for it to be outdated in only a couple of years. At BJF we have built luxury kitchens for our clients all over the Gold Coast. We have the expertise to transform your kitchen into a luxurious space to match the rest of your home.

Make Your Mark With Marble

Marble has been a staple of the high-end kitchen for some time now. There is no guessing why, it gives a premium finish and adds a beautiful texture to almost any kitchen. Although it can come at a premium for good quality, it is destined to last well into the future. Marble is a proven classic at this stage. Unlike some trends that come and go this is one luxurious touch that is here to stick around. As a premium natural material with grounded colours it is very easy to match into any kitchen.

The Bigger the Island The Better

This is one of those more recent touches to high-end kitchens. Oversized islands in the centre of the kitchen. If space permits a large island in the centre of a kitchen looks great and adds extra functionality to your kitchen. Breaking away from the traditions of kitchen hugging walls this adds that extra touch of modernism that high-end designers love. A large island bench becomes the centre piece of your kitchen. Having the freedom to work around the space as you please an island leaves the space feeling more communal than traditional benches. Paired with our previous tip a stone island can work wonders both aesthetically and functionally.

Light Your Life

Last but not least is something we have begun to see experimentation with across different renovations. Different lighting arrangements. Lighting has the ability to change the entire atmosphere and mood of a place with literally the flick of a switch. By really thinking about how you want a space top feel and look and designing lighting to complement you can transform your space from a run of the mill cook space to a high-end luxury entertaining space. With new LED lights becoming readily available and infinitely customisable there are plenty of options for new kitchens. One of the best rising trends that can give your kitchen a luxurious look is kick-board LED lighting. With a small strip of LEDs you can give a premium up market hotel look to your kitchen. Paired with our first tip about automation you can do some very cool things with the newest generation of lighting.

Now that you have some ideas of how to make that luxury kitchen renovation it is time to get it done. Come to us at BJF for any advice regarding your kitchen renovation. We have been designing and building quality high-end kitchens for clients across the Gold Coast. To make your kitchen dreams come true make sure to get in touch.

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